Whether you are talking to staff, distributing information, publishing a blog or broadcasting an event, D6 ensures you speak to the right people as things happen.
d6: is a new generation internet product that harnesses the power of the web without its limitations. The essence of the software is the seamless transfer & management of data between a server and multiple clients. The technology was developed to provide a reliable means of 'trickling' data to a desktop application and has developed into a robust and flexible transport layer for delivering data and custom applications to a user's machine.

The system is coded in C++ using Windows native API's, to remain lightweight, powerful and reliable. The transport protocol uses a custom XML format for flexibility and can be easily customised for particular requirements. The transport protocol is HTTP, the native web protocol. This ensures that d6 can handle firewalls, authentication, and proxy servers transparently to the user.

The technology has been widely tested in diverse network environments, ranging from dial-up access to always-on connectivity on corporate networks.

It just makes sense

  • Cut out email and paperwork & save money.
  • Make sure your message gets through, on time every time.
  • Users can customise information to suit their specific interests.
  • It's user-friendly. Users need no technical knowledge or training to find their way around.
  • When the user is online, the tool is constantly updating information in the background.
  • Once content is on a user's computer, it's downloaded and they don't need to be online to access it.